Our Story

Our goal is to make fashionable clothing line for men and women with premium fabric that provide comfortable feel when wearing our apparel.

DAWN derives from the pronunciation of “Daung”, meaning Peafowl in Burmese, or more commonly known as Peacock. The green peafowl is one of national animals of Myanmar and the peacock symbol was strongly associated with the Konbaung monarchy and symbols of the Burmese state of the past. The peacock symbol was often seen at entrance of historical monuments, in old Burmese bank notes and flags of Konbaung dynasty, British Burma and State of Burma. In honor of our heritage, we created walking peacock logo design that looks appealing and elegant to represent pride of Myanmar.

Instead of calling the Brand “Daung”, we came up with DAWN a similar intonation to that of Daung. DAWN in English means, first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise. This symbolizes a new beginning for our brand, hoping for a brighter future yet integrating the elements of the origin of Myanmar.

We want the people of Myanmar to feel proud of their unique heritage. We want our designs to showcase Myanmar’s unique culture, traditions and current ongoing political plight. We want to share and tell our story by incorporating both modern and contemporary designs on our apparel.