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DAWN Brand Collaborate with OSP Buyer Shop

Shanghai, a city of contrasts where the old meets the new, has long been a magnet for fashion enthusiasts and designers alike. The dynamic energy of this metropolis has made it a hotbed for innovation and creativity in the world of fashion. In recent years, Shanghai Fashion Week has emerged as a global phenomenon, attracting young designers from across the world, and amidst this fashion frenzy lies OSP, a remarkable fashion retail shop situated in Raffles City Shopping Mall. Nestled within the bustling heart of Shanghai, OSP is starting to make a name for itself as local fashion buyer shop that plays a pivotal role in Shanghai Fashion Week. Located in the iconic Raffles City Shopping Mall near People's Square, OSP...

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DAWN Participate in Shanghai Fashion Week 'MODE'

DAWN has showcased its modern designs at the "MODE" event during Shanghai Fashion Week, providing an opportunity to present its high-quality apparel collection to potential buyers. The event is attended by international and Chinese designers aiming to show their innovations and creativity in anticipation of the upcoming fashion season.

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